4th of July MailTime: Dead Eye And M80s

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90 minutes of MailTime for all you poor souls stuck in the cubes today. Monster show where we discuss all sorts of heavy hitting stuff. Such as:

The time I threw up on the corner of 65th and 3rd as a grown man in broad daylight because I was a hungover bag of shit.

Blowing up your face with an M80.

Shooting bottle rockets out of your butt.

and of course the story of Dead Eye the Spider Monkey, complete with a dramatic reading of my father’s email and reactions from the rest of my family.

Its almost the 4th of JOO-LYE, as Chris Broussard would say, so its time to celebrate Independence Day. We talk about all the fireworks and firecrackers from our childhood – smoke bombs and cap guns and snappers and bottle rockets and roman candles and ALL that shit we shouldn’t have been allowed to play with. And because its the biggest barbecue weekend of the year, you know what that means:

Hot dogs are on the grill, who wants spicy mustard! Its MailTime.

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