“Tips For Women From 1938″ Still Spot On Accurate

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Hey ladies. This shit was written in 1938. Nineteen thirty eight. And guess what? I’d say about 99% of it still holds true. 99% of these things are still a goddam problem. Not much progress made by you girls huh? I mean lets see – we can go ahead and cross off the handkerchief issue. Any dude under the age of 90 still carrying a hanky should be locked up. Pretty much everything else still applies.

Wear a bra! We dont want saggy tits. Don’t talk about clothes! We don’t give a fuck. Don’t try to talk to us about feelings! We certainly don’t give a fuck. Not too sure about the drinking one. I don’t want you to keep your dignity all night. I definitely want you to drink enough. Probably cross over into the “too much” area. But not “too much” that you end up flirting with the headwaiter and passing out in the booth you drunk bitch!

Long story short – its all about me, sluts! Shut up and pay attention.

PS – “Please and flatter your man by talking about the things he wants to talk about” is the most sound advice that has ever been given to the female species. From 1938 until 3038 that advice will hold true.

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