900 People Injured As Meteor Blows Up In Russia

Huff PoExplosions and bright flashes in the sky over several locations in Russia’s Urals region, has sparked fears of a UFO crash, according to RT news. The Associated Press quoted sources estimating that roughly 100 people were injured in the blast. The crash — felt in Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and Sverdlovsk and elsewhere — resembled an earthquake, witnesses report. There were conflicting reports. The Interfax news agency described the event as a meteor shower, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Emergency Ministry, told the AP. But the Interfax news agency described the incident as a single meteorite. “It was definitely not a plane,” an emergency official told Reuters. “We are gathering the bits of information and have no data on the casualties so far.” RT quotes witnesses who say the blast and unusual spectacle overhead had some residents fearing a UFO. “My windows were not smashed, but I first thought that my house is being dismantled, then I thought it was a UFO, and my eventual thought was an earthquake,” Bukreeva Olga wrote on Twitter, according to the news site.

Getting hit by a meteor is so Russia. Right? Just such a Russian thing to happen. My buddy texted me this morning asking me “did you see the meteor video?” and immediately I thought of Russia. Its the Land of Dashboard Cams and goddam comets raining down on them. Place is just infinitely more bad ass than America. From their President all the way down to the everyday people getting killed by meteors.

My question is where the fuck was Earth on this one? You know we see these movies where scientists tell us meteors are coming and we send up teams to prevent it from happening or fire missiles at it and the whole planet braces for impact and what not. Reality is we don’t know shit and meteors can rain death upon us at any given moment. Thats real life. One minute you’re driving around in Russia having everything filmed because there’s a nationwide mandate that everyone has to have a camera strapped to your dashboard and the next minute you’re dead because a giant fireball from outerspace blew you up.


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