What’s the Worst Jersey You’ve Ever Paid Money For?


While Jaromir Jagr was shucking and jiving on Sunday, playing really, really well at the ripe old age of 74, I posted the above on Twitter. When I was a younger man, I bought that Jagr jersey the day after he was traded to the Caps. Was the most expensive thing I ever paid for at the time. Practically drained my piggy banks. And then Jagr went on to give 30% effort while on the Caps and get traded away for a bag of pucks.

But then some people started sending me their terrible jersey purchases:


All really, really bad. I think owning anything relating to Kwame Brown might be the worst thing a person can have outside of sexually transmitted diseases. But I am sure there has to be something worse. Gotta be. So much like when I presented my best ticket stub of Family Double Dare, and you responded with yours, I wouldn’t mind it one bit if you tweeted or emailed my your awful jersey purchases. I know there are some awful, awful ones out there. Just sitting in the back of your closet. So do share.

PS: Best jersey anything I’ve ever bought.


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