Wawa, The Pride And Joy Of Philly, Is Opening Their Biggest And Best Location in DC

#PrayForSmitty #PrayForJordie. This is such a power move by Washington DC to stunt all over Philly like that. It’s bad enough they don’t have a Super Bowl. It’s bad enough Joel Embiid breaks his leg every other week. But now Wawa, the pride and joy of Philly, the only thing they care about besides Rocky, is opening up the best Wawa in the world in DC. Incredible. It’d be like building the Cheesesteak Hall Of Fame in DuPont Circle. But that’s the difference between DC and Philly. We win, they lose. We’re smart, they’re dumb. Our Wawa is big, their Wawas are tiny. We’re gonna have a bar. Outside seating. A Wild Goose Cafe. What is a Wild Goose Cafe? Who knows, but we have one! Poor Philly. They one thing they love is no longer theirs. Chalk one up for DC!


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