University of Maryland Offering All Athletes Scholarships For Life So They Can Get Their Degrees At Any Time

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Fox - The University of Maryland says it will start guaranteeing scholarships to students-athletes until they graduate, regardless of injury or on-field performance. Maryland announced Tuesday that the guaranteed scholarships will begin this November. They will go to athletes in all spots, not just the so-called revenue sports of football and basketball. NCAA rules allow scholarships to be renewed on a year-to-year basis and reduced or canceled for any reason. Critics have argued that such policies undermine the NCAA’s argument that revenue-generating athletes should not be paid. Earlier this month, a federal judge issued an injunction that paves the way for future college football and basketball players to get monetary compensation. Maryland says it’s one of the first Division I schools to guarantee scholarships for athletes in all sports.


Crabcakes and scholarships, that’s what Maryland does! No but really, great move by a great university. What a recruiting tool. So many kids go to college thinking they’ll go for a couple years then go pro. Their parents are always talking about how they want their kid to graduate and get a degree. Well now at Maryland, you can do both. Scholarships for life could tip the scales towards College Park when someone is on the fence about which school to go to. You can just feel the tides of the B1G turning today. Braxton goes down, Maryland steps it’s game up.

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