Try To Keep A Straight Face While Watching This Video Of Kid Rock Shooting Foreign-Made Grill In Mid-Air

“I’m an American Badass watch me kick, you can roll with Rock or you can suck my dick!”

I think I love Kid Rock more than anyone else. I’m proud to say I enjoyed his $20 tickets and $4 natty ice’s at his last concert in the Tri-State area. I usually only go to Jersey when I go to a Giants game or drive through it on a journey to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak and I had to venture all the way across the river for that shit. Well worth it. Would recommend a Kid Rock concert to anyone.

Having said that…This is video is peak psycho Kid Rock. Bawitdaba creeping up in the background¬†as the American Badass himself shoots a foreign-made grill out of the air as if he’s playing Duck Hunt. “This is what we think of Made in China” is¬†what should be engraved on Bobby Ritchie’s tombstone.

How about One-Take Bobby as well? Didn’t come anywhere near missing that grill. In your face China. In your face.

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