The NFL is Trying to Sell 8 Thursday Night Football Games for $800 Million


AA - The National Football League is looking to sell half of the Thursday Night Football package that currently airs on NFL Network. For the last two seasons, NFL Network has aired 13 games. It appears that the NFL will increase the Thursday night schedule to 16 games meaning NFL Network and the winning bidder would split the package right down the middle. Richard Sandomir of the New York Times reports that there would not be a shortage of bidders for the package. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand tweets that this would be a one year deal that would be for the 2014 season. The Times’ Sandomir says that the NFL would prefer to see the games on a broadcast network on either one of its current partners, CBS, Fox or NBC, but would not rule out having them on cable, i.e., Fox Sports 1, NBCSN or TNT should Turner Sports put forth a bid. The NFL spokesman told Awful Announcing that no postseason games would be part of the package so this bid would be strictly for the regular season.

The best part of this? Nothing. Nothing is the best part of this. I don’t know one soul who gets excited over Thursday Night Football. Even when your team is playing, you’d rather it just be a Sunday afternoon, not a Thursday night. Nobody with a job and a life enjoys staying up on a Thursday to watch the Redskins lose another game then going into work hungover. And the games this year on TNF were atrocious. The players themselves say they don’t have enough time to recover and prepare for games on Thursday nights. The games are bad, the coverage is bad, and the time they are on is bad. And adding 3 more Thursday night games is ridiculous. Late in the season when teams are fighting for playoff spots, having to play on 3 days rest is brutal. But 800 million dollars for half of a season sounds pretty fucking good if you’re the NFL, and they sure as shit are not going to turn that down. Goodell gonna Goodell.

PS: Hoping FS1 pulls the upset and buys this. Need Regis and Good Ol’ JR in the booth.

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