The MLB Draft Has So Many Rounds The Nats Drafted Trey Turner And Kirk Cousins’ Cousin

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.43.10 PM


Great move by the Nats here to take Trey Turner when they already have Trea Turner. When you have the chance to double down one of the best players in baseball, you have to do it. Take a flier on a 10th round pitcher, maybe he pans out, maybe he doesn’t but you can’t let the other Trey Turner go to a city like Tampa or Oakland. Gotta protect the name. It’s like when the Wizards drafted Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. You strike while the iron’s hot. Shout out the Nats for doing the proper thing and bringing Trea and Trey together.

And then, of course….


Of course, Kirk Cousins’ cousin! And he looks identical to him. Too bad the Skins can’t seem to sign Kirk┬áto an extension so they won’t be able to be roomies, but it’s cool nonetheless. I love that the MLB draft has so many rounds you can do things like this. “Oh Kirk Cousins has a cousin, that’d be a funny tweet, grab him.” Then round 43 rolls around and someone shouts from the other room “Guys I told my nephew we’d take him, let’s just do it now” and they end up with the Southwest territory’s assistant scout’s nephew. Easily my favorite thing about the MLB draft; that, and how nobody ever pans out. That’s fun too.

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