Somehow Shanahan Was Not Fired After Sunday’s Game, and He Is Now Thinking About Benching RG3 For The Rest of the Season


Yahoo – Mike Shanahan, still for now the coach of the Washington Redskins, made a surprising reversal Monday and said he might bench a ”100 percent” healthy Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season to keep the quarterback from getting hurt. Shanahan essentially declared it might be more beneficial for Griffin to get offseason snaps in May rather than game experience over the next three weeks. The coach, for the first time, then explicitly left open the possibility that he might not return next year, saying his future will be decided after he meets with owner Dan Snyder at the end of the season. Shanahan’s departure appears more likely than ever after the Redskins (3-10) were embarrassed 45-10 by Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, a fifth straight loss that ensures a third season of double-digit losses in the coach’s four seasons in Washington.”You always want to come back. I love these guys,” Shanahan said. ”What’ll happen at the end of the season, we’ll get a chance, Dan and I, to sit down and decide – he’ll make the final decision on what’s the best interest of the Washington Redskins. I’ll give my opinion and what I think, and obviously he’ll make the final decision.” Shanahan said he has a ”good relationship” with Snyder and spoke with the owner on Monday. The coach didn’t go into detail about the conversation other than to say it involved Griffin.

The circus rolls on. During the game on Sunday which was a brutal display of rape culture, I was 100% positive Shanahan wouldn’t make it to his Monday press conference. But then the more I thought about it, I realized that Dan Snyder doesn’t operate in the same universe as you and I. If you think something is the right move, he does the opposite. If a player should be let go, he signs them to an extension. So why should anyone, myself included, be shocked Mike Shanahan is still the head coach of the Washington Redskins? Nevermind he basically walked out on them last year. Nevermind he has no desire to win football games or come back next season. He was asked, straight up, in his presser if he wanted to be the head coach, and he refused to answer. I would say that is a bit telling, no?

So now, he is thinking about benching RG3 for the remainder of the season. A “100% healthy” Griffin. What? Why? Why is his health so important now, but week 1, when he was hobbling around like a deer on one leg, he was good to go? How are reps in May more important than live game action? That’s like saying the best way to learn to ride a bike is by reading a book. The backwards logic of this football team is mesmerizing. Bench the guy when he’s healthy, play him week one when he’s hurt and has had zero preseason. No reps, no nothing. The Redskins Logic is amazing. Shanny played him last week on ice and snow on the worst football field in the league, but now wants to bench him?

I have to believe he is using this as a bargaining chip against Snyder some how. FORCING Snyder to fire him before the Dallas game. Because I cannot imagine Dan Snyder would want a healthy RG3 on the bench at a home game vs Dallas. Shanahan couldn’t give a shit less. But Snyder doesn’t want to fire him midseason, because then he is on the books for the full rest of the contract. It’s a bitter tug of war between two children with huge egos. A phenomenal circus act this team is.

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