Some Hot Young Stud Lost His Passport And We Can’t Figure Out Who It Is

Does anyone know who this young stallion is? Anyone? Anyone at all? This passport was randomly found by KMarko yesterday and he would like to return it ASAP. All we know about this person is he is about 16, definitely never touched a boob in his life, and his lips that appear to have been stolen from Bubba from Forrest Gump are located 3 zip codes away from his chin. It also looks like he is wearing an XL shirt that he bought from Champs Sports from one of the “5 tshirts for 20 dollars” racks with a big white undershirt underneath. Fashion forward doesn’t even begin to describe this strapping young man. But to his credit, his emo haircut will for sure get him all the chicks that hang out at Sam Goody and Hot Topic at the Columbia Mall on Friday nights. He’s so hot I wish I could go back in time and abduct him.

This Stoolies are working hard on this investigation to get the passport back in the right hands:

Hopefully we get to the bottom of this shortly. If I know one thing though, he’s certainly been a stud his entire life.

Will we find out who this young buck is? Hard to say. But if you’re a young lady and live in New York and might have an idea, it’s safe to say his DM’s are always open.

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