Shout Out To This Heroic Pizza Delivery Man For Getting Pizza To A Stalled Amtrak Train

FoodBeast - If you’re stuck on an Amtrak train for multiple hours on your way home, chances are you’re hungry. In desperate times like these, you gotta take some desperate measures.

That’s what CA Wealth Management co-founder Mitch Katz did on his train ride from NYC to Washington, D.C. this past weekend. The Amtrak ride he was on stalled and passengers had to wait for at least three hours before a rescue train came to collect them. In the meantime, Katz got hungry, and apparently there was no dining car available, so he took matters into his own hands and ordered delivery from a nearby place.

The delivery boy actually hopped a fence and strolled up to the stalled train with Katz’s order, who then offered it up to at least one other person who was tweeting on the train.


Not all heroes wear capes. And this guy is for sure a hero. If there is an Amtrak train that has been sitting on the tracks for 3 hours, with the Cafe Car closed, a pizza delivery man might as well be Super Man, Batman and Jesus Christ all wrapped into one. He could have charged 100 dollars for that pizza and Mitch Katz would have no choice but to oblige. The fact he hopped a fence and jumped over that sewage creek just to bring a pizza to a hungry passenger puts him up there with Harry S. Stamper as far as modern day heroes are concerned. If he so desires, this pizza delivery man should have all his parking tickets wiped off his record and never have to pay taxes ever again.

When it comes down to it, the train is for the most part a pretty good way to travel. There’s legit no security, there’s a quiet car that the conductor has no qualms about kicking you out of if you speak, and they serve booze around the clock. I would love nothing more than for us to invest a zillion dollars into high speed rail and nobody would ever have to fly again. Taking the train is without a doubt the best way to get around, until the power lines lose power and you’re stuck in an AC-less cabin for 3 hours without food or a working bathroom. So let’s hurry up with the Hyper Loop, need that shit to go nation-wide ASAP in the worst way.

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