Saturday 90’s At Noon Music Throwdown



Decided to bring this fun little thing back for the weekends. Some 90’s classics to battle it out for bragging rights.

To get you caught up on the previous fights:

Week 1 Semi-Charmed Life beat Blink 182’s Dammit
Week 2 Hey Jealousy edged out One Headlight
Week 3 Kill My Sunshine dominated LFO’s Summer Girls
Week 4 Wonderwall laid the beat down on DMB’s Crush on Valentine’s Day
Week 5 Rap beat rock when Juicy beat Smells Like Teen Spirit
Week 6 K-Ci and JoJo destroyed Savage Garden
And week 7, Bittersweet Symphony beat The Freshmen


deatmatchmusic (1)


Today seems like a good day, to drink a beer or two. So what else to do besides match up besides Sublime with 311?






Vote 1 for Sublime, vote 10 for 311.

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I know which way I’m pretty sure this will go, but sometimes I’m surprised. Regardless, happy drinking, and thank goodness it’s finally nice out there.


Bonus Song! Because sometimes you just need an 18 minute version of Crazy Game Of Poker while day drinking.


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