Reader Email: I Woke Up To 39 Unanswered Text From a Batshit Crazy Girl, Should I Hang Out With Her?






Met this girl out at the bar the other night and we exchanged numbers. Woke up Sunday morning to 39 unanswered texts. Do I go for it?


Well shit. The classic conundrum. Bat shit insane girl who wants you down her throat. On one hand, the old mantra is “never stick your dick in crazy”. On the other hand, you never leave a pot of gold just sitting there for someone else to claim. On the first hand, she will literally murder you. On that second hand, it might be worth it. Be a hero and die a legend? Play it safe and live to see another day? It’s all very confusing.

Some people have self control, morals, a brain, etc. I do not. You go for it and accept the consequences later. A girl who will send those texts have no reservations about anything. A dick in her ass is as normal as a peck on the cheek to her. And for that reason, I vote 10.

Vote 1 if you should stay away, far, far away, and Vote 10 if you accept the possibility of death and go for it.

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