Professor to Live in a Dumpster For a Year


Source – Jeff Wilson, an environmental science professor at Huston-Tillotson University, takes “dumpster diving” very, very seriously. So seriously that he’s planning on ditching the dive and actually living in a dumpster for an entire year. This won’t be your typical trash-muck-encrusted dumpster, though; “Professor Dumpster” and his students will be designing their own 33-square-foot dumpster outfitted with a bed, shower, toilet, and even WiFi. Wilson’s living space will double as a classroom — his students will then work on making the teensy residence as energy efficient and low-impact as possible. “I’m essentially becoming part of the 1%. This dumpster is 33 square feet, which is 1% the size of the new American home in 2011,” Wilson joked. “The idea here is to ultimately show one can have a pretty good life in a dumpster.”

This college professor is so sneaky it hurts. He’s pretending he’s making a grand statement about the environment by moving into a dumpster but he knows exactly what he’s doing: Making his students build a bachelor pad for him under the disguise of “college”. Sounds like a dream come true for me. Everything I need in a 33 square foot apartment. I don’t need a dining room table or a place for people to put their shoes. I need the internet, a microwave, a tv, and a chair to watch the tv. Professor Sneaky over here is even throwing in a shower out of pure arrogance. Calling it a dumpster when it’s clearly not even close to a dumpster in order to pretend he cares about saving the whales. In reality he just wants a place to stroke his dick and not pay any bills.

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