MFK Tuesday in the DMV

[marry-kill-fuck 50]

Taylor Swift:



No Retreat, No Surrender

Emmanuelle Chriqui:




Candice Swanepoel:



Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 12.38.12 PM

Taylor is singing at tonight’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Candice is in it. And it’s not only a snow day, but also Emmanuelle’s birthday. So let’s MFK these dickwreckers. I love Taylor and feel like fucking her, not just getting a OTPHJ, is quite an accomplishment. I’m in the minority here, but I think she’d be a great fuck when she has a few drinks in her. Kinky as she is emotional. Willing to do ANYTHING so you don’t leave her. Emmanuelle is obviously a smokestack. Knows she’s hot, and wants to constantly show it off. And Candice. I could look at her 24/7 and never want to do anything else.

Marry: Candice. I’ve married her before, and I’m marrying her again. I’m always shocked more than 0% choose to kill her. Don’t get how you can click that button and not feel horrible about yourself the rest of the day. Here is my wife not wearing any clothes. NSFW.

Fuck: Taylor. Need to fuck Taylor. Need to see what she’s made of. Need the bragging rights. And need to see if my Swift Theory holds true.

Kill: Emmanuelle. It’s a hard knock life out there in MFKland. A sad casualty of the game. But rules are rules, and the bitch is dead now.

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