Kirk Cousins Compares His High School Picture To Bo Scarbrough’s High School Picture

So if I’m understanding this correctly, Scarbrough is the guy on the left and Kirk Cousins is the guy on the right. Also if I understand this correctly, Bo Scarbrough’s picture is a 10th grader and not a 26 year old man. Which is preposterous because 10th graders look more like me and a lot less like guys who are chiseled from stone by Zeus himself. So if all that is true, I think Kirk Cousins is on to something here. When Alabama is recruiting, they have to decide between¬†monsters among men, guys who were benching 225 20 times before the Junior Prom, or guys who were¬†listening to Creed CDs in the mini van. Somehow Kirk didn’t make the cut, weird.

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