If You Use OddJob In GoldenEye, You Are a Grade A Certified Asshole

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Can’t believe this is a blog I even have to write. Is there no moral code anymore? Do we live in a society without pride? I can’t believe it. Yesterday I nonchallantly tweeted that you shouldn’t even have to call “no OddJob” when playing GoldenEye with your friends, it’s a given. And people responded that it’s part of the game, and they use OddJob. I thought I was taking crazy pills. If you have a friend that demands that he be allowed to use OddJob, he is a huge asshole and you shouldn’t be friends with him. He’s the same person that at recess would say “no tag backs” during freeze tag because he sucked at it.

If you’re going to play the game, play it with honor. You simply do not use OddJob. The only way I could ever imagine someone being allowed to use OddJob is if it’s your 7 year old cousin or something playing for his first time, but even then, it’s called manning up and learning to run with the big dogs. So no, I still wouldn’t allow it. What are you going to do, camp out in the stalls too? Play the game like it’s meant to be played. Don’t take the easy way out. And don’t be that fucking guy who bitches about OddJob being part of the game, so you should be able to use him. That just makes you a pussy and it’s you admitting you fucking suck at it.

It’s a huge, huge sign of character if you play GoldenEye with OddJob or not. If I was interviewing people for a job, it would be my first question. Pretty much shows what type of person you are. Don’t be that person. Be better. No OddJob.




PS: If anyone is allowed to use him, it’s me. Basically identical in stature.


PS: Any other unwritten rules? Someone said not using Vick in Madden 04 was one. Vick was unstoppable.

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