I Don’t Know Why Anyone Would Agree To Become The Redskins GM

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Fox Sports - The Washington Redskins of the Daniel Snyder era have failed with every kind of front office — with general managers, de facto general managers, coaches serving as GMs, Snyder lackeys serving as GMs and actual general managers whose “final say” in decision making was more theoretical than anything. Now, the Redskins are trying an new, innovative approach to losing: not having a general manager at all.

Redskins president Bruce Allen, who just fired popular general manager Scot McCloughan after an ugly public battle brought on by seemingly little more than ego, envy and jealousy, has hinted the Redskins may go into the 2017 season without a general manager. Instead, Washington would run the front office by committee, with responsibilities divvied up between Doug Williams (senior personnel executive), Scott Campbell (director of college scouting), Alex Santos (director of pro personnel), Eric Schaffer (VP of football operations and general counsel) and Allen himself, who would retain final say on all football decisions — a role Allen has intermittently played since being hired as GM in 2009.



This article was on Fox Sports today. It is pretty good- it talks a lot of about the history of the Redskins front office and how the current one compares to front offices around the league.

And the biggest thing to me, which I’ve been talking about for ages, is there is one main thing that separates good teams from bad teams in the NFL, and that thing is obviously the front office. Specifically owners who let football guys make football decisions and don’t meddle. There’s a reason the Bengals are historically terrible. There’s a reason Jerry Jones hasn’t won anything since Nam. And there is a reason the Skins have been mostly dog shit since Dan Snyder bought the team. Because he surrounds himself with yes-men, he fires those who disagree, and he has his butt buddy Bruce Allen, a businessman, calling the shots.


So it raises the question- why would anyone ever agree to be the Redskins GM? Is the GM job in DC even a job, or more of a whipping boy type position? We had one of the best talent evaluators in the role in Scot McCloughan, and he was forced out by Allen and Snyder. They want complete power, they demand every decision be approved by them, and they strip the GM of a lot of the most important duties.

At this point, I don’t think being hired to be the Redskins GM is even a step up or promotion from a lesser role at another team. What could becoming the Skins GM possibly benefit someone? They’ll be here for 2 years, they won’t have a ton of say in building the team, and then they’ll unceremoniously be fired and cast off into the NFL abyss, bruised, battered, and broken.

So what will happen is the Skins will mostly go 7-9 and 8-8, maybe get a good schedule and snap off a 9-7 or even a 10-6 record here and there, but mostly just float through the NFL, season in and season out, leading the league in controversy and annoyance, with nothing really to show for it. I don’t believe Snyder will ever change his ways, and if history is any indication, neither will the Skins mediocrity.

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