How Do You Remember Landry Todd? As Landry? Or as Todd?


It should go without saying, but spoiler alert if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad or Friday Night Lights like some sort of poor person.

Yesterday I blogged the sad story of how the Friday Night Lights TV show won’t be made into a movie. Sidenote: If you are an asshole who goes “but there already was a movie”, you don’t understand the simplest things in the world. You probably can’t differentiate between Beethoven the musician and Beethoven the dog. Grow up, Peter Pan.

But halfway through the blog, I remembered a debate I had about the legacy of Landry Todd. He starts out in FNL as Landry Clarke, ginger best friend of QB1 Matt Saracen. Terrible musician, game winning kicker, and banger of Tyra. Quite a legacy he left in Dillon.

He then transitioned over to Breaking Bad as Todd. One of the most maniacal characters in TV history. Had the ability to shoot kids and enslave Jesse EZ PZ. Was to humanity what I am to speaking.

Some say he will always be Landry, small town kid, great friend, fucker of sluts. Others say nay, he is Todd the meth pushing, kid killing psychopath.

Which character is he? 1 for Texas Forever, 10 for Drew Sharp deserved to die.

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