Former Playmate Of The Year Dani Mathers Is Going To Trial, Facing Jail Time, For That Fat Shaming Snapchat

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NYDN - Playboy model Dani Mathers’ eleventh-hour attempt to avoid trial in her peeping Tom case was a bust Monday.

A Los Angeles judge denied the 30-year-old’s defense motion claiming the privacy law she’s charged with violating is too ambiguous to be constitutional.

“The court finds the statute is constitutional and not void for vagueness,” Judge Gustavo Sztraicher ruled.

Trial was tentatively set to begin May 26, the judge said.

Mathers is charged with secretly photographing a naked 70-year-old woman in a Los Angeles gym shower last year and posting the image on Snapchat.

The image was posted along with a selfie of Mathers covering her mouth in mock horror and the insult caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

“Body shaming is humiliating, with often painful, long-term consequences,” Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said when he announced the decision to prosecute on Nov. 4.


Yoooooo. Dani Mathers is going to trial for this. I don’t know if it’s as crazy as it seems in my head, but the fact she is going to trial and potentially facing jail time for this Snapchat is fucking me up. I’m not defending what she did or any of that, it’s pretty fucked up to post a picture of someone naked without their consent. I think we can all agree on that. But going to jail for it? Damn, Daniel. That’s rough. Pretty sure half the people who get arrested for drugs these days just get a fine and some community service. She posted a pic on Snapchat and could end up being a bottom bitch in the big house. Life comes at you fast, I suppose.

Now, I will say this- Dani Mathers is 30 years old. If you have the pressing desire to be that big of a dumbass at 30 years old, maybe you deserve jail time. The punishment might not fit the crime itself, but when you add on how stupid and shallow and how big of a bitch you have to be to post that picture, then maybe your ass should be tossed in the slammer for a few months.

I’m only proficient in bird law, but I don’t think she’ll wind up in jail for this. If she does, it definitely sets a big ol’ precedent. And just think, it could always have been worse, it’s not like she posted a picture of a naked child or anything.


PS: She’s hot.


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