Don’t Forget We Have To Turn Our Clocks Back An Hour On Sunday Because Why Do We Need The Sun?


HuffPo – Sunday is going to be a good day for sleeping in. Well, if you’re in an area that observes daylight saving time anyway. Yes, the biannual changing of the clocks is upon us. Many in North America will gain an extra hour when daylight saving ends Nov. 3, and time falls back one hour, meaning you’ll have an extra hour to do whatever you wish this weekend. The change should take place automatically for most with smartphones, laptops and tablets. (Make sure you have the “set automatically” feature enabled in your date and time settings.) But for those using analog watches and non-digital alarm clocks, the switch will take place at 2 a.m. Sunday. So expect your clock to be an hour ahead when you wake up in the morning. (Or you may want to consider preemptively turning the clock back by one hour before bed Sunday.) With the end of the daylight saving, which took effect this year on March 10, participating countries will return to standard time. By shifting the observed time forward in the spring and back in the fall, territories are able to maximize the hours of sunlight available during regular daytime hours.

Oh good. We get to maximize the sunlight during the daytime hours! So when you wake up and drive to work, it’ll still be dark, but if you’re lucky, the sun will be rising and blinding you as you drive around the beltway, making the commute that much more awful. And then when you drive home, the sun will be setting. But at least the farmers will have that extra hour of sunlight to tend to their crops! If you work in an office, especially if you commute on the Metro, you might not see the sun again until Easter. When chicks complain about “seasonable depression”, I almost want to believe it’s a real thing. Almost. I will say it’s a little bit more believable than the mysterious “thyroid problems” that every chick on the planet claims they have the second they give up on life and put on 15 pounds. “It’s not me, it’s my thyroid!” Totally believable, not at all.

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