Doctor Chopped Off A Kid’s Dick During A Circumcision Because The Father Wanted A Picture

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IBT - A surgeon who completely cut off a four-year-old’s penis in a botched circumcision has been acquitted of negligence by a court in Geneva.

The unnamed doctor, 59, was on trial almost three years after the fateful day in July 2014 when he severed the boy’s phallus entirely from his body during a routine operation.

The court heard that the boy’s father had been taking photos of the operation and at one point gestured for his son to turn towards the camera.

The boy moved according to his father’s instructions and in the process shifted his pelvis just as the surgeon was making an incision.

His penis was cut away from his body and fell onto the floor, according to news site The Local.


The doctor did nothing wrong here. The fact he was on trial for three years is simply preposterous. How in the world can you blame the doctor for cutting off the kid’s dingaling? He was just tryna snip for foreskin while the weirdo dad was taking pictures for Instagram. That’s who should be in jail. I would call it precrime, but if you’re taking pics and asking your 4 year old to turn and face the camera while he’s getting his cock skewered, you are legit a maniac and need to go into a padded room ASAP. And you know what, the 4 year old kinda doesn’t deserve a dick if the doctor is holding a knife or sword or what have you and he doesn’t sit there perfectly still. Yeah I get he’s sort of young, but have a little field awareness one time for me. When the doc is about to go snippy, just close your eyes and say a prayer, don’t start putting on duck faces for the camera. Even a 3 year old knows that.

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