Dana White And Conor McGregor Have Agreed To Terms For The McGregor/Mayweather Boxing Match

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MMA - Conor McGregor’s boxing venture against Floyd Mayweather seems to be drawing closer to happening.

At least, that’s according to UFC president Dana White. That much was made clear on Wednesday night after the NBA on TNT telecast of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Long-time UFC enthusiast Shaquille O’Neal asked White during the TNT post-game show if McGregor and Mayweather is happening, or if it’s a myth.

“McGregor’s side is done, I’m starting to work on the Mayweather side now,” White said, “I got one side done, now it’s time to work on the other. If we can come to a deal with [Al] Haymon and Mayweather, the fight’s going to happen.”

Clearing up if it would it would be contested under MMA rules or those of boxing, White clarified for the casual fans at home.

“It’s going to be straight up boxing.”


It’s getting closerrrrrr. Back in February it was reported one of the only things holding up this fight from happening was Dana White. And now we can cross that off the list. Dana and McGregor have officially agreed to terms on a fight, and now he is working with Mayweather’s camp, which obviously could be the most painful negotiations EVER. Floyd is going to want the moon, the sun, and to never pay taxes again. I can’t even imagine how much money he is going to make off this, if it happens.

I feel like we’ve been talking about this fight for 10 years now. The social media chirping that has been going back and forth between them has been persistent- sometimes funny, sometimes over the top, but the bottom line has been no real tangible contract had ever been hashed out, until now.

We all know Conor has realistically a 0 to 5% chance of actually winning a straight up boxing match vs Floyd, but hey, so did the USA vs Russia in 1980. And if anything, the lead up and build to the fight will be fantastic. Two of the best shit talkers in the world traveling the talk show circuit, going HAM on Twitter and Instagram. It’ll be entertaining, if nothing else. And since I’m woke as fuck, the fight is probably fixed anyway, so we’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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