Big Time Shout Outs To The McDonald’s Workers Who Didn’t Give Steve Stephens His Fries While They Called The Police

1) Thank goodness this maniac is dead. While it sucks he isn’t going to be brought to justice for the murder, just fuck that guy. I remember the DC Sniper situation and how incredibly horrifying that situation was, and this reminded me of that. Just so glad this is over and people can let their kids go to school without worrying if that maniac is going to kill them.


2) Big time shout out to the McDonald’s workers who not only recognized him, but had such a head’s up play to holdĀ his fries hostage while they called the police. To remain that calm and collected while you’re staring at the most wanted guy in America is quite amazing. They just held his fries for as long as possible, to the point he drove off without them. The workers knew this guy was armed and dangerous, and still kept him right at their drive-thru window as long as possible.

According to the restaurant’s manager … Stephens got his nuggets, but then said he had to go and he drove off without the fries. It was enough time for cops to get on his tail.

That’s absolutely awesome and I hope they get a big check from the FBI and/or McDonald’s for their help in getting that guy the fuck off our planet.

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