Because Bees Are Dying At An Alarming Rate, HoneyNut Cheerios Has Killed Buzz The Bee

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CNN - In a stark reminder that the world’s population of bees is plummeting, Cheerios pulled its mascot Buzz the Bee off the box of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Bees play a critical role by pollinating 35% of the world’s food supply. The fate of many species and billions of dollars of global crops rides on their tiny backs.

But bee colonies are collapsing around the world as parasites, pesticides and habitat loss take a deadly toll. For the first time this year, a bee species in the US was declared endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate, and that includes honeybees like Buzz,” Cheerios posted.

Damn. This was tough news to wake up. Sometimes you don’t realize an issue until it slaps you in the face, fucks your wife, and stomps on your children. RIP Buzz the Bee. I knew bees were dying at an alarming rate, but I absolutely did not see this one┬ácoming. And I have nobody to blame but myself. Just sitting here, naively eating my breakfast cereals a box at a time, not even considering it was Buzz who made it all possible. That while the Trix bunny was hanging out with underaged kids, and Cap’n Crunch was raping and pillaging villages on the high seas, it was Buzz that was making the world turn. And now he’s gone. I certainly didn’t have him in my cereal death pool. ┬áMaybe that dumbass Tucan Sam who can’t stop flying into shit, maybe Tony the Tiger was poached in Africa, but Buzz the Bee? For shame. If only we did more, Pops. If only we did more.

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