After Taking Way Too Many Hits In a Meaningless Preseason Game, RG3 Tells Fans He’ll Work On Sliding



Well shit, better late than never I guess? It’s your 3rd season bro. Learn to slide. Stop getting rag dolled out there. I love the heart. But sometimes less is more. This isn’t John Elway in the Super Bowl. This is a preseason game against the Browns. So quite literally, the opposite of the Super Bowl.

As for his performance, other than the one bad INT, I liked what I saw. He made some pretty good throws from the pocket, scrambled when he needed to, and kept the Browns D off balance. He didn’t sail any passes, and he looked like he had control of his offense. Still needs to work on decision making though. Needs to get down and not take those hits, and can’t keep forcing throws off his back foot when the pocket collapses around him. That’s been a bugaboo for him, and it’s just a pointless mistake. 6/8 for 112 yards and an 18 yard scramble is good enough for me. Eliminate mistakes, get better, and ROY RG3 isn’t far behind.



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