#Jersday – Special 4/20 Edition

This week’s #Jersday Theme is coming in hot keeping with the spirit of the beloved day that is 4/20. I’m not a big weed person, but I respect any holiday people enjoy. Arbor Day, 4/20, President’s Day… You name it. Vote for your favorite Stoner Jersey in the Twitter poll below!

#Jersday Fan Favorites

According to my UFC sources (Octagon Bob), Nate Diaz is a huuuuuge weed guy. Apparently loves weed like Jack loves Rose, so I figured why not throw in something UFC-related as it’s not too often UFC gets to make an appearance in the Jersey game.

I’ve never really associated the Maple Leafs with Weed before, but this guy changed my mind. He might be the first person to ever overdose on the Mary Jane by the time the clock hits Midnight tonight.

Don’t speak ill of the dead.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to look out for next week’s theme and tweet in pictures of you rocking your jerseys with the hashtag #Jersday to @Glenny_balls @YoungPageviews and @ColeyMick

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