You Won’t Believe This But The Blackhawks Finally Got A Shut Out. Also Still Undefeated Through 1/4th Of The Season

630 days. Almost two years since the last time the Blackhawks got a shutout. That’s unreal.  I don’t know if that speaks to how shaky Crawford has been in the past or how good he is this year but I’ll take it. And I know its still relatively “early” in the season, but 1/4th of the schedule is no longer a small sample size. Crawford has been unreal. He’s 3rd best in the league in GAA’s. He’s only had one Crawford-esque period thus far (1st period against the Sharks) and has looked solid night in and night out. Not to mention the Hawks just went on a 2 week road trip and scored a point every single night. 10 of the next 12 are at home. By the time they play back to back road games again, the season will be half over. So yeah I’ll stay cautiously optimistic that we don’t hit a snag like we did last year with that 9 game losing streak but right now the biggest “weakness”  this team has is playing absolutely lights out and I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of the ride.




When you’re hot you’re hot. Kane getting all the bounces and I swear Ive seen that exact goal somewhere before…


And now that we’re back home, some ice girls to make your Monday less terrible.



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