You Can Get Pacer Playoff Tickets For Tonight For Under 10 Dollars

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Yiiikes. Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte maybe. I expect it from those guys but not from Indiana. Basketball is king in Indiana. What happened to that 7-0 start? The whole “this is our year” shit. Paul George being a legitimate MVP candidate, Roy Hibbert being in the conversation for best Centers in the NBA, Lance Stephenson being one of the best role players in the league? Was that this season? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Fucking Pacers, soon as they got a little bit of success things fall apart. This is why you can’t have nice things guys.




Aside, I still can’t decide what the most absurd part of this picture is. David West in skinny Jeans, Paul George showing one nipple, Lance Stephenson looking like a pedophile with the sweatpants and towel or George Hill unbuttoning 10,000 buttons. Outrageous picture through and through.





If you don’t think the Pacers woes are a direct result of someone fucking someone else’s girl then you don’t NBA. There is no excuse for them falling apart this bad, something happened in that locker room that submarined everything.




h/t brian

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