Yeah I’d Say The Knee Looks Just Fine



Yes I know it’s pre-season. Yes I know none of this actually matters to anyone outside of Chicago but when your star point guard hasn’t played at home for over 18 months it’s a big deal here. Just felt right last night. The intro, the dominating the court and going coast to coast, Stacey calling his plays with the crowd behind him, and then this….


If that play right there isn’t a sign that old D-Rose is back then I don’t know what is. Taking a guy off the dribble, crossing him up about a million times then finishing with a bending, diving, contortionist shot. That was everything old D-Rose did. And if the reports are true, that he feels even more explosive and stronger than he was pre-injury, well then welcome to Rose University, class is officially in session.




Stacey dropping cousin terio references is why he’s the best.


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