Will Redesigned Cans Of Pepsi Cure Racism and Sexism? Well, It’s Hard To Say.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.13.59 PM

With its wretched Kendall Jenner ad, Pepsi famously hit a new low among brands paying lip service to social causes. So, where does the brand go from here? At the most basic level, it can stop pretending to make the world a better place—or start genuinely doing so.

Two agency creatives have come up with a plan for the latter course of action—#PepsiCAN, a spec campaign that envisions Pepsi selling cans with redesigned versions of its logo to materially support certain pressing causes.

PepsiCAN. Nailed it.

Let me start by saying that money going to charitable organizations and causes is always a good thing. But damn, Pepsi. Let it breathe a little bit first. Stay out of the news for one full cycle before hopping back in with both feet. United Airlines did you an incredible solid, and bringing up the Jenner campaign is gonna open that shit right back up again. I get trying to control the message. It’s the way real leaders work, but give it time.

Companies with PR issues can’t stay out of their own way. The United CEO is in the news every single day making statements and whatnot. I imagine the United CEO and Pepsi being Micheal Scott in situations like this. It makes me feel so happy.

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