What Is The Very First Thing You Would Buy If You Won 300 Million Dollars?



So this question came up yesterday.  You win 300 million dollars what is the very first thing you’re buying. Me? I’m buying a private jet. Not saying some outrageous 100 million dollar jet, something responsible in the 5-10 mil range. Why? Because the first real thing I’m doing is loading all of my friends into the jet and basically flying anywhere we want to party. Cars, houses, boats, all that shit can come later, if you fall into 300 million dollars you need to ball out and the only way to do that is on a PJ. Feitelberg can pretend that’s economically irresponsible but I just don’t see what else anyone would want to buy, minus a thousand hookers, that’s the only other acceptable response, and I feel like a PJ gets you more hookers than money can buy.

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