Toss This Picture Into The “Let’s Make Big Cat Less Fat Again” Motivation Pile


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See, here’s the problem. I woke up this morning, put on my blazer and shirt, did my hair and said to myself, Damn Big Cat, you look fucking dope dude. Then I went on Fox and a couple pictures got taken of me and bingo bango we’re back to square one. I look like a slug with hair. I look like the greasiest used car salesman/bookie/porn producer of all time. I would actually get turned down by the mafia at this point because they’d take one look at me and think my look was too obvious, too much of a caricature of what a slimeball should look like. When you see me and realize that I look like a fatter version of Razor Ramon, who is barely alive and looks just about as bad as any living human being can possibly look, that’s a problem. So add this to the fire. Can’t wait for Monday, going to diet so hard your heads going to spin and pop right off. Damn, Big Cat tried to eat a human being again.



Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.55.50 AM




I have no idea why I thought opening all the buttons was a good call. My biggest weakness is how blindly confident I am at all times. I seriously thought it was a good look until I saw the picture, thought I looked like a rock star and didn’t even need to diet. No joke even after yesterday’s blog about how I needed to lose weight I saw myself in the mirror and thought, naaaaa, you’re perfect baby. I think there is a portion of my brain that flat out doesn’t work.



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