The Question Everyone In Chicago Is Asking – Do The Bears Have A Quarterback Controversy?



QB controversy? “Jay Cutler is our quarterback; there’s no one like him,” #Bears WR Brandon Marshall said

— patrick finley (@patrickfinley) December 10, 2013




The short answer is no, they definitely do not.



The long answer? Still no, but everyone should be extremely grateful that Josh McCown has been able to keep this season alive. Think back to 2011 with Caleb Hanie losing 4 games in a row (partially Marion Barber’s fault in Denver), or even last year when Jason Campbell got the shit kicked out of him in San Francisco (not exactly a fair situation for him but still). Or even the Packers this year, floundering without Rodgers. What McCown has been able to do for the Bears this season has been nothing short of fantastic. He has taken care of the ball and found a way to win the games you should win (Minnesota aside). Exactly what you need, but don’t often get, from a backup quarterback.


So why is there not a controversy? Well first of all, I don’t know if you were aware but the Dallas Cowboys have the worst defense in the league. The worst. Worse than the Bears porous D. They had zero pass rush last night. They had no idea how to cover B-Marsh or Alshon, or Forte out of the backfield. Not taking anything away from McCown because he played brilliant but that is how a quarterback with weapons should play against the Dallas D. Playoffs, if the Bears reach the playoffs, are an entirely different animal. And that’s where Cutler comes in. As an analogy, McCown is like a nice sturdy SUV. You feel safe and comfortable when you’re driving in an SUV but you also can never drive faster than 70 mphs. Cutler on the other hand is like a sports car. When you get it up to it’s top end speed it blows the SUV out of the water. It’s all about the ceiling. And that is why I don’t think there is a QB controversy. A QB controversy is when a young guy comes in and supplants a vet. A guy who has more upside potential. Foles/Vick. Brady/Bledsoe. Kaepernick/Smith. Those were QB controversies because it was a legitimate question on who could take you the farthest. If the Bears are to reach their absolute full potential on offense it’s with Jay Cutler as the Quarterback. Trestman knows it, Emery knows it, the receivers know it, and McCown knows it. Josh McCown is playing fantastic football right now but that doesn’t mean he is better than Jay Cutler. To say that is not looking at the big picture and instead focusing on the last couple of weeks. And I think that is where the Bears are at right now, the media in this city will probably call it a controversy but every single person in Halas Hall knows who the starter is.




I will say this though, McCown playing this well does make the offseason extremely interesting. The question do the bears have a qb controversy is a silly one in my mind, but the question what the Bears will do after this season is legitimate. There is already rumblings in the media of Cutler going to the Titans and Emery basically said last week that he doesn’t think the franchise tag on a quarterback is money well spent. So essentially these last few weeks and the playoffs (hopefully) will be pretty important for both Cutler and the Bears in seeing where things land for next year.

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