The Problem With Danica Patrick Isn’t Danica Patrick Or Sports Fans In General, It’s ESPN

Sneaky use of Pink for Danica failing. I am Woman Hear Me Roar! First thing I’ve ever liked about ESPN



So unless you live under a rock you probably know by now that Danica Patrick won the poll on the Daytona 500 over the weekend. And every regular person is saying the same thing, why is everyone talking about this, she’s never won anything, who cares? Well the reality is, No one actually does care. No one actually is talking about this. No one I know. No one you know. No one anyone knows. But that’s not what ESPN will have you believe. Because according to them this is the biggest news in the world. Every Sportscenter, every half hour on ESPN News, First Take, Around the Horn, Sportsnation, literally every program.


And that’s the thing, I don’t blame Danica Patrick or anyone I know, again because no one in the world is actually talking about this. I blame ESPN. It is 100% their fault this has become a thing. That a driver who has yet to win an actual race in NASCAR is a topic for discussion. It’s the same reason why we watched Tim Tebow throw into a trash can at Jets Camp. Or why we kept on “talking” about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens for years and years after anyone actually gave a fuck. Or why we watched Michele Wie shoot 20 over par on a Thursday at TPC Sawgrass. Or why every August we have to hear about Brett Favre throwing spirals to High Schoolers in Mississippi. Its all manufactured by ESPN. This is what they do. They create stories. Blow them up. Then talk about them as if they’re just responding to the sports nation’s “buzz”. They pretend to just be reporting on what every casual sports fan is talking about.


So yeah, I sort of hate Danica Patrick for talking like this is some big accomplishment when in reality she should just say “I haven’t won anything, I don’t want to talk about this until I’ve proven myself in something other than practice”, but more than anything this just reminds me why ESPN is so fucking out of touch. Why they don’t even come close to speaking for the common man. Packaged garbage thrown in your face to make you think its important. That’s all it is and unfortunately probably all it will ever be.



If I was Danica Patrick’s husband I would still drive the family car 100% of the time. Guys who have their girlfriends/wives drive are fucking weirdos.

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