The New Mitch Rapp Movie, “American Assassin” Looks Like It’s Actually Good

I don’t talk about much about my actual war shit on this here blog; I save that for when I’m crying like a little bitch on Pat McAfee’s show or when I’m waxing poetic on Zero Blog Thirty. For the most part, people don’t wanna read those little tidbits about people’s lives, and I don’t usually wanna write them so it works out.

I’ll break from that for just a second. In my time while deployed, I read a lot. I didn’t say I read well, but I read a lot. I devoured the Mitch Rapp series. Shit is wild. Based pretty much entirely on the point I was at in my life when I first read the books, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series is easily my favorite. It’s not the best, but it’s my favorite. (Harry Potter)

I remember sitting on the top of a house in the middle of Fallujah and taking a break. I was ripping cigs, downing Monsters, and reading Memorial Day, at least I think it was Memorial Day. The opening scene has Rapp in Egypt. He finds his target, cuts the target’s jaw tendons and ligaments so that it can unhinge completely, and shoves a grenade deep inside the terror cell leader’s mouth. Pretty cool!

I was hooked. Looking back, I’m not sure if the quality of writing was great but the stories that were told were as spy, assassin, and operator heavy as you could dream of. It was contemporary and violent. I was a fan.

When I saw this trailer today, it reminded me of all those times I was reading about war to escape war. The music in the trailer is perfect. It’s eerie. It’s slow. It’s methodical. I’m not usually a huge movie guy but I’m fucking pumped for this one.

PS: Mitcc Rapp.

American Assassin Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp Vince Flynn

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