The Dog From The Famous “Wading In Lake Superior” Picture Passed Away, And Now I Want To Cry Forever




An aging dog –who gained national attention when a photo of his owner cradling him in Lake Superior went viral–  has died. The picture featured Schoep, a 20-year-old shepherd mix who was severely arthritic, blind and hard of hearing, resting his head on the shoulder of his owner John Unger as the two waded through the water. Unger posted on his Facebook page that his beloved dog died. “I Breathe But I Can’t Catch My Breath… Schoep passed yesterday,” the post read. A picture of the dog’s paw print in sand accompanied the post.

Unger rescued Schoep 20 years ago, and was looking for ways to relieve the dog’s pain. A friend captured one of their water sessions and the photo immediately went viral, with people sending donations to help pay for Schoep’s medical bills. Unger kept Schoep’s fans updated on his condition posting regularly to Facebook. The page has been flooded with tributes to the dog as news of his death spreads. 

News of this actually broke on Friday but I didn’t feel like ruining everyone’s weekend. Anyway, I want to basically cry for the rest of my life every time I look at that picture and read this story and think about my own dog someday passing away. Give your dog extra hugs tonight, for Schoep and John Unger. As the old saying goes, a dog’s life is too short, their only fault really.
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