That Psycho Drug Krokodil That Makes Your Skin Fall Off Your Body Makes Its First Appearance In Illinois


(Source) A flesh-eating drug that became popular in Russia has made its way across the ocean and to a Chicago suburb. Dr. Abhin Singla of Presence St. Joseph Medical Center said the Joliet facility this week treated three patients who said they used the drug known as “krokodil.” The substance is similar to morphine, Singla said, and possesses some of the same properties as methamphetamine. However, it’s cheaper to obtain, and like meth, users can make it with codeine and everyday products such as gasoline and paint thinner. Krokodil, which is the Russian word for crocodile, causes gangrene and abscesses on the user’s body, Singla said, noting it has maimed his patients’ arms and legs.

“It is a horrific way to get sick,” he said. “The smell of rotten flesh permeates the room. Intensive treatment and skin grafts are required, but they often are not enough to save limbs or lives.” Singla said some cases are so serious that muscles and bones become visible. The dead skin can also lead to infections that result in amputation or even death. The drug can be injected or taken orally and has become a cheap alternative to heroin. Because of this, Singla said, these incidents might not mark the end of its use in Joliet.

First of all, if you had Joliet as the first place to have a Krokodil problem then you win nothing because we all had Joliet. There are three certainties in life, death, taxes, and crazy foreign addictive drugs making landfall in Joliet Illinois.
Second, and more importantly, how fucked up is this drug? I mean most drugs are bad for you. If you do Heroin you’ll probably get addicted. If you smoke crack, you’re life will most likely spiral out of control. But for Krokodil its, if you inject Krokodil your skin will literally rot away and your bones will become visible and you’ll slowly die but not before you look like a legit reptile. Yet people are still fucking doing it? That’s unbelievable. Actually to be totally honest I think I just sneakily talked myself into trying it. If people do it with all of those caveats it must be the best high of all time right? Krokodil or bust.
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