Stephen Colbert Had Trump’s Chief Nickname Strategist On The Show Last Night AKA A Grade School Bully




The one thing I can get behind are Trump’s nicknames because they’re all genius. He knows the majority of America is stupid, myself included. So when you give someone a nickname like Little Marco Rubio or Lyin’ Ted, it sticks. Just float it out into the world and let everyone take hold of it for the rest of eternity. Nicknaming your political opponents is like handing all of America that stupid “easy button” Staples used to use in their commercials. I don’t pay attention to the serious side of politics but I can sure as shit tell you that Marco Rubio is short and Ted Cruz lies, it says it right there in their nicknames. So on top of that genius is Stephen Colbert’s genius. To have this kid throw out a bunch of nicknames that would never actually fly in the real world but are hilarious nonetheless. Because make no mistake about it, from here on forward in my brain it’s Jeb Tush and¬†Marco Boobio. That’s how nicknames work, say them once, stuck for life. Marco Pubio is absolutely¬†electric.

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