Sports Illustrated Has Danica Patrick’s Nipple Chilling On One Of Their Web Pages




(Source) So … Danica Patrick‘s exposed nipple is hanging out on a Sports Illustrated website.  The racy pic of the NASCAR driver is featured in a “Throwback Thursday” photo gallery on S.I.’s “Swim Daily” website … which features a “selfie” style photo shoot of Danica from 2008.  We called S.I. to find out if it was a mistake … or one of those intentional “nipples are artsy” sort of things … but so far, we haven’t heard back.

First of all, you can’t convince me there is such a thing as an “accidental” nip slip. Marketing 101. Danica still hasn’t won a big race, Daytona 500 coming up, boom nip slip, get the people talking. It’s provocative. Savvy move through and through.
And second, this nip slip sucks, I’ll fully admit it. You can barely see anything, but that’s sort of besides the point. Nip Slips are like showing up to a college lecture hungover on a Friday morning. It doesn’t matter if you participate or the quality of your attendance it just matters that you’re physically there. A body. Just like a nipple. No one cares the quality, just the fact that we now can sort of tell what Danica Patrick’s nipples look like (looks to be just about the perfect size), and that’s pretty cool if you’re into that type of stuff, which I think we all are.
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