So Remember Monday’s GTA? Well She Not Only Mixed It Up In The Comment Section With You Mutts But Now She’s Coming On KFC Radio Tonight To Address All The Wonderful Things You Said


Monday’s GTA


So I’m pretty sure this was Barstool History. For people who didn’t see, after I posted Monday’s GTA, Ali Lee, the “ass” in all of those fantastic pictures, created a Barstool account and got in the comment section to mix it up with you guys. Maybe one of the craziest/coolest moves I’ve ever seen. Not many girls will step into the dark dark world of the Barstool Comment Section. And not only that, but she has agreed to come on KFC Radio tonight at 7 (ct) and walk us through what it is like to be the Ass on Guess That Ass. We’re going to read her comments like “I’d like to lick her fartbox” or whether or not her “poon tastes like sweet nectar” (probably does). The old standards that make GTA, GTA and why we all love it. So here’s your chance. This is like When Chris Farley says all those things about Veronika Vaughn, except now Veronika Vaughn will get to hear them. So leave any questions you have for her here and watch the show Live tonight on Barstool-Chicago/NYC starting at 8 eastern, 7 central. Should be interesting to say the least.


Bi Haters*

*That’s what I would say if I was Ali Lee and had an ass like that but instead I’m a gross blogger on the cusp of burrito obesity.


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