Should OAR Frontman Marc Roberge Get A Vasectomy? A Deep Dive:


I’m an OAR fan so having Marc on the show was pretty dope. Just a normal dude who plays some absolute summer classics like:



Every time I’ve thought about the dudes from OAR, I just pictured them slugging down Budlights and cruising in a tube down a lazy river with their own music blasting in the background. Everyone cheering and looking their summer best. The bikinis are tiny and the beers are big and cold. Summer lovin happened so fast.

I never thought that I’d be suggesting that their lead singer get a vascetomy but here we are. I have no regrets.

Marc is a great dude and great dad. Check him out on this week’s Podfathers. Creepy Nate wasnt involved with his candle so dont worry.

We also have a March Dadness bracket going on the Podfathers twitter account. Go vote. I have a feeling Danny Tanner is taking this whole thing down.

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