Security At Bacci Pizza In Wrigleyville Is Doing A Bang Up Job, Or They’ll Just Let Everyone Fight To The Death


Well that escalated quickly. Usually with these videos there’s some sort of lead up. Some words exchanged. Chests puffed out, posturing, grandstanding, the works. Not this time though. That chick with the chair was NOT fucking around.

Not even a second’s hesitation. Just taking it from an ordinary bar fight to a WWE hell in the cell match in 3 seconds. Sort of respect that too. Go big or go home.


Oh and I don’t think anyone has ever been more out of place than that guy in the sweater vest. Looks like he should be working the register at Best Buy not breaking up 3 am fights in Wrigleyville.


Why anyone would go to Bacci’s in Wrigleyville when Dimo’s and Big G’s are right down the block is insanity. Bacci’s pizza sucks. Never had a good slice from there. It’s like 1 step up from Sbarros.

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