Seahawks Fan Makes A Colin Kaepernick vs Russell Wilson Instagram Profile To Show Everyone How Awesome Russell Wilson Is

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Way to go Seahawks fan! You knocked this out of the park. You showed us how awful Colin Kaepernick is vs Russell Wilson. OR, if you can think outside of stupid cliches you showed us that Colin Kaepernick is enjoying his life as a young successful NFL QB and Russell Wilson is constantly shoving how he is a great person down our throat. I mean I love Russell Wilson. Loved him at Wisconsin, loved that he found a spot where a coach would actually play him and prove how good he really is, but if you asked me which guy I want as my quarterback when looking at these Instagram profiles I 100% want Kap. I want a QB that has swagger, that might go out and fuck a few random sluts every now and then, that has friends other than his wife. I’m all for helping people in need but if that is literally the only pictures you ever post you’re probably trying a little too hard. Take it easy Rus, mix in a picture of a steak or a night out on the town, we don’t want to see sick kids 24/7/365, it’s depressing, we get it, you’re an awesome dude, no one thinks otherwise, don’t go into holier than thou Tebow territory, no one wants to see that. And also, fuck Seahawks fans for actually thinking this shit matters. That somehow your team deserves to win more because your quarterback doesn’t buy new shoes and hang out with his friends. Russell Wilson is a legit good person, maybe a little over the top with some of this stuff, but a good guy, the fan who made this is a fucking clown.



Now as for on the field, if you had to start a franchise tomorrow and got to pick one of the two who are you going with? Personally I’m taking Russell Wilson because I’d much rather have a quarterback that can run than a running quarterback. There’s a big difference in that. I feel like Kaepernick’s strategy week in and week out seems to be to stare down receivers and throw the ball 10,000 miles per hour. So awesome slut parties and fresh ass nikes aside, I’m taking Wilson.



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