Scientists Say Peeing In The Pool Is Actually Dangerous And Bad For Your Health




Always hated this sign, no one is stopping you from swimming in my toilet if you want to.


(Source) A new study on the effects of urination in chlorinated water has found that it can form two chemicals, trichloramine and cyanogen chloride, which have been associated with lung problems and can affect the heart and nervous system. In short, peeing in your pool makes negligible amounts of harmful chemicals.

The study was published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science and Technology journal and involved chlorinating uric acid to look at the byproducts. One of the byproducts, cyanogen chloride, can affect organs through inhalation, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that its maximum concentration in drinking water should be 70 micrograms per liter or less. Another interesting fact about cyanogen chloride: it has a military designation of CK and is considered a chemical warfare agent.

The highest concentration that the team observed was around 33 micrograms per liter at 8 milligrams per liter of chlorine—a much higher chlorine concentration than is used in the average pool—which still falls under the levels considered safe enough by the WHO. While there is no imminent threat of poisoning yourself with your own urine in the pool, the authors state that both trichloramine and cyanogen chloride are “volatile” and “have the potential to adversely affect air and water quality in chlorinated, indoor pools.” They further note that since peeing in a pool is a voluntary process, “opportunities exist for significant improvement of air and water quality… via changes in swimmer hygiene practices.”




Look at the scientists of America. Just throwing out a bunch of headlines like “Peeing In The Pool Is Scientifically Bad For Your Health” and “Peeing In The Pool Yields Toxic By Product” and hope everyone gets scared away from actually pissing in the pool. This is like the 2014 version of the mystery halo substance we all were told appears if you pee in the pool*. Just authority trying to get kids and regular people to stop doing what everyone does.  I mean you said it yourself “Negligible amounts of chemicals”. Negligible? I’ll take my chances with negligible all day. I do so many things that cause gross harm to my body that a little negligible harm is nothing. It’s like being a smoker and refusing to drink Diet Coke because of the carcinogens. If I’m obese and drink too much do you think a negligible chemical from my urine will kill me? HA! There are a long list of things that will put me 6 feet under before peeing in the pool does.



Also, I can’t remember who blogged it a few weeks ago but I want to make one thing clear. If you don’t pee in the pool you’re a fucking pussy. I have peed in every single pool I have swam in in my entire life. Hot tubs too. That’s what chlorine is for, so that everyone can pee without getting sick. Fuck sometimes I’ll hold my pee just so I can pee in the pool. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures and anyone who is too prude to partake is a sucker.  So nice try science, I may be dumb but I’m not stupid, I’m a pool peer for life.




*This was a myth right? There isn’t actually a purple cloud that appears if you pee in some pools right?

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