Rory McIlroy Went On Jimmy Fallon Last Night While Tiger Woods Just Sort Of Awkwardly Stood Around In His Schmedium Shirt


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Hey Tiger, you know when you take yourself out of every tournament you can skip a few cycles right? No need to keep juicing when you’re not actually competing. And if you want to tell me you aren’t, that’s fine too, at least adjust the settings on your dryer because that shirt is ridiculous.



The real question here though is how awkward was that green room pre-show? Tiger and Rory just sitting there staring at each other, trying to make conversation about that time Rory won every tournament ever and made everyone forget Tiger even exists. Then Tiger comes out and sort of just chills while Rory and Jimmy Fallon do a bit. Third wheel dating in front of a studio audience and all of America. Like an old dog that needs to be put down. We have him around to remind us of the great times but in reality it’s just weird and sad now. Almost feel bad for the guy, until I remember he probably went and pissed on a bunch of hookers after this show and had an awesome time being richer than I can ever imagine.


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