Big Cat In The New Reebok Z Quick Commercial, Plus Behind The Scenes Footage


So as some of you may have seen me tweet last night, I am in the new Reebok Z Quick commercial with Aly Raisman, Knowshon Moreno and Johny Hendricks. The Reebok people and the production team they hired contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to come down to Dallas to get beat up by Johny Hendricks and I said yes in about .2 seconds. So they flew Hank and I down and we had an awesome experience filming. Here are some quick notes/stories as well as our Behind the Scenes footage.


-I didn’t know exactly what my role was going to be and I showed up expecting to get wardrobe and all that jazz. Walked in with my flannel and jeans and they were like oh that’s perfect, you totally look like a bum who would steal a pair of shoes. My clothes per usual, doing big things.


-The stunt guy, who I was practicing with, was a certified badass. Trained with Chuck Norris, done over a thousand stunts, and also nominated me for Stuntman of the year, so nbd but kbd.


-When we did the actual scene we did it once and I was like, oh that’s perfect, we got everything we needed right? And everyone sort of just chuckled and then we did 40 more takes. Total nOOb move by me.


-Johny was actually kicking me. I had a stomach protector on but I would say he missed about 1o times and kicked me in the chest instead. It was cool though, I counted it as like 10 days worth of workouts.


-I practiced saying “Unnaturally Quick” roughly 20,000 times.


-They had a full buffet on set and it was Day 1 of the diet. I ate celery while Hank pounded food right in my face. Kid has no respect for fat people.



All in all it was a really cool experience. Thanks to Reebok and Kevin for thinking of me. Barstool slowly infiltrating the mainstream world. We’re everywhere.



Here’s the Behind the Scenes footage.



I’m putting this GIF on my resume. That’s just acting baby.



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