Reader Email – Does Tucking Your Jeans Into Your Uggs Get You Laid At The Chicago Auto Show?

 Big Cat,

Saw this dad at the auto show today straight crushing it in UGGS. Jeans tucked in like you read about. I bet him and Rovell kick back with hard lemonades and exchange jokes at Northwestern alumni gatherings.



First of all. I kind of do think this gets this guy laid. Its just so outrageous that it may work. Straight up Peacocking. Like you’re a complete tool if you’re a man wearing Uggs, and you’re a complete tool if you tuck your jeans into your boots but both? That’s sort of a Power Move. Simple Algebra. Multiply two negatives and you get a positive. He’s the only one at the auto show rocking this look so the sheer novelty of it probably gets him a Blowjob from some horny soccer mom from Schaumburg.


More importantly though. Do people still go to the Chicago Auto Show? I used to go and I guess it was cool the first few times but once the novelty wears off it just becomes a bunch of poor people walking around sitting in cars they can’t own. Not to mention any car you want to sit in is gross because half of Chicago has touched the steering wheel with their greasy hands.  It would be like going to a bowling alley and sticking your fingers into every bowling ball without ever actually throwing a ball down the lane. Disgusting. Too many people, not enough cool cars, not enough dads with tucked in Uggs. Thanks but no thanks.

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