Prostitution Ring Busted In Florida, Let's Go To The Tape….



ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — An undercover prostitution sting led to 14 arrests at a hotel in St. Johns County. A Palatka Police detective who resigned after his arrest, is among those facing charges. Authorities said the four-day investigation dubbed “Operation Summer Lovin’ targeted men and women soliciting or offering sexual favors for money. The investigation is the result of numerous complaints over prostitution being allowed on social media sites and businesses, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.  Detectives placed and responded to ads on those social sites and arrested more than a dozen people who responded.



Eclectic crew here. Operation Summer Lovin was an absolute doozy. Nothing like a whore house in Florida to make you feel better about yourself. Roll tape.




The crafty vet. Been around for a while, can no longer throw in the 90’s but works the strike zone and can give you some quality innings.



Classic steak, borboun, cigar, rub and tug guy. Sits in strip malls reading his newspaper and collecting his pension from the pipefitters union. Plays the lottery every day, horses on Monday, and on tuesdays he gets a hooker. You may not know this guy but you definitely do.



The young kid caught up in the moment. Cops need to let these type of kids go. Just want to get their dick wet for once. You try living in your mom’s house and not frequent the local whore house. Impossible.



The old sailor. Craziest one in the group. What she lacks in looks she makes up in effort. Young cowboys don’t want to ride this bull first time out.



The discount rack. You know when you need to buy a new pair of dress shoes and you see a pair that are $99.99. You buy them because it’s such a great deal but in the back of your mind you know you should have dropped 30o and gotten a real pair because in a few months your shoes will fall apart and you’ll be buying new ones anyway aka you have AIDS. Don’t shop at the discount rack.



The belle of the ball. Blue chipper. A car that only has 20,000 miles on it. Instead of going to the discount rack save up for a few weeks and take a ride in this ferrari.






The most handsome girl in the group. We call this the Eddie Murphy special. Don’t be Eddie Murphy


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